I love to read!

I’m new to this blogging lark, and I dont know if anyone will be interested in my posts, but I just have to share my love for books.

I have always been a book worm, for as long as I can remember. My mum got me started on Enid Blyton books – the first was the Faraway Tree series. I still love those books now, I have tried getting my boys interested, but they’d rather play on their xboxes! My little girl however, is showing an interest in reading, and is progressing really well, so I’m going to try her on them soon.

As I got older, I read the Mallory Towers series and then started on Virginia Andrews ‘Flowers in the Attic series – then as a teen I discovered Danielle Steel books. They were a little raunchy compared to the books I had been reading at that point, and I was hooked!

We are talking quite a few years ago now people – there were no ipads or kindles then – you either bought the book or went to the library. I was, and still am a really fast reader, so I was never away from the place.

Friends called me boring because I loved to read, and had no other hobbies except that. My careers adviser even told me to make something up for my CV as ‘reading’ was not interesting enough!

Anyhoo – I grew up, and real life took over – left college, got a job, bough a house, got married, had 4 kids, so finding time to go to the library and get books became pretty hard.

I read the odd book now and then, often picking up cheap books from the supermarket in my weekly shop, then in 2009, I started a new job and that kick started my love of books again. A friend was reading a book about vampires, but they weren’t ordinary vampires – no no nooo, these were friendly vampires. They didnt feed on humans, they fed on animals. And they could go out during the day. Except when it was sunny. They couldnt go out when it was sunny, because that would give the game away. They sparkled in sun light you see. You know which book I’m talking about right? Yes people, I was introduced into the world of Twilight!

At first, I was reluctant to read it, I wasn’t really interested in sparkly vampires, but my friend was so in love with this Edward guy, and every day at work she would try and persuade me to get the books. My son was due to go to hospital to have an operation, and I wanted to have something to read, to keep my mind occupied while he would be in theatre, so I went to the local supermarket to browse the books, and picked up Twilight and read the blurb. I bought it, and New Moon and went home. That was a Sunday, my sons op was scheduled for the Thursday. By the time he went for his op I was reading Eclipse!

I started Twilight and OMG I could not put it down. I was totally immersed in the series, I read them all in 6 days.

I started reading Vampire Diaries and True Blood after that, I loved all things Vampire. Then last summer, my husband bought me a kindle, and the first book I downloaded was the book every one was talking about – Fifty Shades of Grey. I devoured it, and my husband loved the effect it had on me! My bank balance is severley affected though, 1-click purchase will be the ruin of me. For Christmas, after seeing how much I loved my basic kindle, my hubby bought me a Kindle fire HD, and I love it. My TBR list grows every day. I have discovered so many great authors through facebook and blogging sites. I have never blogged before, but if my love for books rubs off on at least one person I will be happy, because I believe reading enriches your life.